Visalia 2017

San Jose 2017

San Jose Faire 2017

San Jose RenFaire is happening this weekend, August 5/6.  at Discovery Meadow in downtown San Jose. We will be there all weekend, although we don’t yet know exactly where we will be on the grounds.

Sebastopol 2015

Hanford 2015

San Jose Fair 2015

Fantasy Faire photos

We met the most interesting people at this event… at least, Saturday morning…

Dragons! Dragons!

Are you interested in dragon insurance? Come see St. Michael’s Salle d’Armes at the San Jose Fantasy Faire.  We offer dragon insurance for princesses and commoners alike. We deal with dragons.  So you don’t have to. ™  

San Jose Fantasy Faire — this weekend, April 11th & 12th

We will be attending the San Jose Fantasy Faire this weekend.  It’s a bit of a cross between a typical renaissance faire and Disneyland.   More details at    

FCC is back!

We are looking forward to the return of the Fresno City College Faire in less than 2 weeks, March 14-15.  We went to our inaugural event there in 2004. Most of my original photos were lost when the disk was destroyed, but there are still photos on the old website.  Look at to start.