Visalia 2017

San Jose 2017

San Jose Faire 2017

San Jose RenFaire is happening this weekend, August 5/6.  at Discovery Meadow in downtown San Jose.

We will be there all weekend, although we don’t yet know exactly where we will be on the grounds.

new YouTube channel

We finally created our own YouTube channel, so there is an easy place to go and watch our videos. We have some videos up that were taken last year. Check it out and Subscribe!

St. Michael’s YouTube

Sebastopol 2015

Hanford 2015

San Jose Fair 2015

Wizard World Sacramento

Tony and Sydney were asked to do the “fight from a book” demo by author A.E. Marling.  And then they were contacted by the organizers, as actor Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod from The Highlander tv series) wanted to do a charity fundraiser sword class.

This is the video of the “fight from a book” demo

And here are two videos of the Adrial Paul event:

 video #1

video #2

This was a fundraiser for The Peace Fund.


Fantasy Faire photos

We met the most interesting people at this event… at least, Saturday morning…

Dragons! Dragons!

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