St. Michael's Salle d'Armes and
Davenriche European Martial Arts School
are proud to announce the
Historical Martial Arts Symposium by the Bay.

This three-day event will be held President's Day Weekend, 2007, (February 16-19) , featuring three full days of fencing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Click here to see the schedule which has been updated.

This event will feature Master Class Instructors:

Bob Charron (founder of St. Martin's Academy) -
focusing on the works of Fiore di Liberi,

Tom Leoni (founder of Order of the Seven Hearts)-
focusing on rapier and Baroque Sword.

and Christian Tobler (founder of Order of the Selohaar) -
focusing on the German Longsword,

In addition to these Master Class tracks, a "taster track" featuring a variety of instructors will be available to provide participants an opportunity to experience several different arts/styles. There will also be an opportunity for semi-private lessons at the discretion of the instructors. The preliminary schedule is now available.

Held at the Clarion Hotel near San Francisco Airport, HMAS is designed for students at a variety of levels. Call 800-252-7466 and use the group name "HMAS" to get our block rate of $95/night.

We do have several vendors who will be on-site.

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